Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am hoping that this is a place where my students and others can get information and problems solved. My passion for the last 34 years has been machine quilting. As the person that put machine quilting in front of a very small quilt world in 1979 here in Colorado, and nationally in 1981, I have an abundance of knowledge about the subject. I have been teaching machine quilting to beginners with great success for over 30 years, nationally and internationally for 27 years. Heirloom Machine Quilting has been in continuous print since 1987. Pretty good track record.
Please feel free to contact me through this blog with any problems, and especially my students
successes. Posting photos would be great!

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  1. I practice on muslin or other extra fabrics then seam up the sides for bags or pillows! Since I enjoy machine quilting so much, it makes it just that much more fun.

    Harriet, I was at your class in Phoenix in January, which was wonderful. Do you know what I got from that class that made a huge difference in machine quilting? It was you making me promise not to take other classes that distract from my learning process. Six months of committed learning is one of those suggestions that is just like taking college clases, not part time with all it's distractions.

    Thanks Harriet!